What equipment do I need for speedgolf?

There are no hard and fast rules. Most players start out with a small bag & usually too many clubs, and once they gain more experience playing and running, they start to rationalise their equipment. Here's a few tips:


If you are going to run with a push buggy, make sure you empty out all unnecessary equipment to make it as light as possible. If you are going to carry a bag, do the same. You can buy a bag that is specifically designed for speedgolf, like the one made by Sun Mountain, but also you can get away with just using a range bag, Sunday bag, junior bag etc. The main goal is to keep it as light as possible.

No bag

If you are carrying 5 or less clubs, consider carrying the clubs in your hand. This appears to be the trend for most social speedgolf play and also now in the elite/pro speedgolf events. If you choose not to carry a bag, remember to wear clothing with pockets so you can carry balls and tees etc. 


A common time to play speedgolf is at first and last light. It's therefore very important to use a highly visible golf ball - Most speedgolfers play at first light, so on the first tee it is useful to play a yellow ball as it stands out much better than a white ball at that time of day. By the time you get to the third or fourth hole it’s usually light enough to use a white ball.


Preferably wear a shirt that is “moisture wicking” as you will work up a sweat, even in Winter. It's the best way to stay comfortable on the course. Many golf shirts are already made with this technology. You probably already own one! Moisture wicking socks are preferred for the same reason as described for the shirt. Some players wear knee high compression socks (pictured) for running support, but it’s not essential.



Regular golf gloves are fine but if you play when there is a lot of moisture around, such as at first light, you may want to look at getting some “rain grip gloves”. There are a number of companies who make them. Generally speed golfers don't have time to dry their equipment or themselves during a game. Wearing rain grip gloves on both hands will take this issue out of play.



Wear athletic running shoes for maximum comfort and support. Golf spikes including soft spikes should not be worn when playing speedgolf. The reason is that you cannot run on soft greens with shoes that have golf spikes as you may risk damaging the green. Some players may worry about slipping, but from the experience of players here & overseas, the benefits of wearing running shoes far outweight any benefits that golf spikes offer.


How many clubs should I take?

It is recommended to play, then tweak, then play again. Your club choice my also vary depending on the length and type of course you are playing. A common set up is - fairway wood such as a 5-wood, mid-iron -7, a wedge and putter.