The Australian Speedgolf Open is open to professional golfers/athletes, amateurs and novice players, internationals and locals.

The major titles in contention are:

Australian Open Female Champion - best 18 hole speedgolf score by a female. 

Australian Open Male Champion - best 18 hole speedgolf score by a male.

The Open also incorporates the Australian Speedgolf Championships which will be contended by all Australian citizens & permanent residents in the 18 hole field, for the following age-groups divisions: 

Under 19; 19-29; 30-39; 40-49; over 50.

Event location

Albert Park Golf Course, in the suburb of Albert Park (Melbourne, Victoria). It is a flat course with a running distance for 18 holes of approx. 7km.


Tee times commence from 4.30pm, Saturday 3 March 2018


$50 per player (18 holes)

$25 per player (9 holes - novice)